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‘Mythologies of the Thai Amulet’ stems from suspicions and questions I had on the faith people have in amulets nowadays that are produced as Buddhist ‚sacred objects‛ yet contradict dharmic principles. This study found that the strategy of producing amulets in the past was to protect the wearer against danger, and this enabled producers to say ‚If you are not a believer, you cannot disparage them‛ to stop any criticism while expecting to make a profit from the sales. This includes using diversions and encouraging people to believe in the amulets’ powers by advertising in various print media, as well as online media. This leads people to believe that amulets are capable of improving ones’ destiny and financial status. All of this led to the creation of a visual representation in the form of a photography installation that mimics commercial art, the substance of which is the over-production of amulets, including the creation of new versions, displayed along with the expression texts ‚wealth, infatuation, credulity, protection, deception, chicanery, faith and illusions‛ with different
photographs being lit up at regular intervals. This is to encourage viewers to reflect on and consider their own attitudes and to see the deception that this kind of belief is based on. The result of this creative piece was to share a concept and to gain new experience in creating a piece that uses photography and texts for expression, and it has inspired me to develop this concept. In addition, it has enabled me to answer my own suspicions and I believe this piece can help to warn viewers about the ruse of using deception as a tool for a business that leads society astray.